CIS Workers

It’s frustrating if your work position prevents you from accessing the best mortgage products, we can help navigate your way through applying for a specialist CIS mortgage.


How we can help you

A CIS worker is the middle ground between being truly self-employed or permanently employed. However, most mortgage lenders treat CIS subcontractors as self-employed, and before considering a mortgage application they will ask to see accounts for at least 2 and perhaps even 3 years.

If you’ve only recently become a CIS subcontractor, most high street banks or mortgage brokers would penalise you for it. They struggle to find a mortgage suitable for someone who has a continuous record as a CIS subcontractor running for less than 12 months.

But, we are different. We are on your side and we understand that you might have changed profession, or maybe a previous employer offered you better terms or enhanced salary if you’d switched to becoming a contractor – these things happen. Where others may have failed you, we are confident we can find a suitable mortgage after you complete our fee free, no-obligation telephone assessment.

  • If you’re wondering whether you qualify for a CIS mortgage or not, ask yourself these simple questions:
    Are you a self-employed builder, decorator, electrician, heating engineer, or other role working in the construction industry?
  • Do you work for a construction firm that deducts 20% of your salary for tax?

If you answered yes to these two questions, then you are paid through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) – and we can help you get a mortgage.

Fee-free* advice – we will not charge you a penny. We’re fee-free* and always will be
Whole of market – we compare 1000s of products to find the best one that is best suited to your needs
Take the weight off your shoulders – we’ll liaise with your lender, solicitor, and estate agent so you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting
* Our fee-free residential mortgage advice is subject to a minimum loan size of £75,000. In the instance of loan amounts below £75,000 we will need to charge an administration fee of £295

How we can help



Meg Evans

Such an amazing mortgage advice service! They kept us in the loop with every process of buying our first home and made it seem easy and not stressful.  

Samuel Cowan

Thomas Nicholas provide a great service, support and advice throughout and have taken a lot of pressure away from the stress of moving house. 

Scott Maclennan

Many thanks to Thomas Nicholas for their help while we remortgaged. This is the second time we've used their financial service. Once again they catered perfectly to our needs. 

Alex Haws

Great service from Tom and the team. They talked us through all the options for our first mortgage and got us a great deal. They were also able to help with solicitor recommendations. 

Daniel Wilson

Once again, excellent service provided by Thomas Nicholas. The support and help all the way is brilliant. Will always use them to remortgage as it's made so easy by the staff. 

Coco Hardy

Tom and his team were excellent assisting me with my first home purchase. They even helped me with insurance and personal income protection. I wouldn't have known where to start without their help!